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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Summer Stampede

I'm making my summer bucket list easy this year and hoping to live as many hours as possible in one of four places:

1."Little Howe" East Queen Anne Playground (splashing, playing, swinging)
2.  Bhy Kracke Park (picnicing, lounging)
3. Green Lake (exercising, hammocking)
4. Our deck (grilling, relaxing, reading)

If a kayak, farmer's market, or Mount Catherine come into view, that'd be the Rainier cherry on top to a fantastic ice-creamin' summer.
Artwork by Gail Cosby
Realistic and Refreshing,

- SJW 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Life Wright Now | Spring 2019

My days, weeks, and months are catalogued differently now - intertwined with unique Norman moments and milestones that set them apart. This last month in particular has been really special since his mobility has sky-rocketed! We watched him go from rolling, to pivoting on his stomach, to army crawling, to sitting up, to pulling up, to knee-crawling. What a skill-aquiring cutie!

Aside from the infant highlight reel, we celebrated two weddings, saw my family in San Diego, visited Austin for a college friends reunion trip, and in the day-to-day, hit up Book Larder's free author talks, donut dates, park adventures, walks with friends, the zoo, and theater performances! It's been a vibrant and thought-provoking last few weeks!
WATCHING | Had a bit of a documentary-slash-based-on-a-true-story spell and watched The Greenbook, On the Basis of Sex, Free Solo, and Knock Down the House. I also took in Focus, starring Will Smith & Margot Robbie on a recent plane ride, and binged Queer Eye and Schitts Creek. Would recommend all of these! As for summer movies, Toy Story 4 is on my list :)
EATING | Beets in all form. Marinated beets, roasted beets, beets with yogurt and pistachios from Cafe Hitchcock, and beets with lentils and saffron-lemon yogurt that I made at home. Next up - grilled beets!

As for eating out, I love 5 Spot in Queen Anne for their "Food Without Borders" rotating menu right now. A local diner doing their part.

"In light of the back and forth in our government in the ongoing discussion on immigration, we've "elected" to feature a menu of the foods of the immigrants seeking nothing more than a better life for their families. We are hopeful that the D.C. politicians can come to a common sense agreement to facilitate a comprehensive, balanced and fair immigration policy that allows these immigrants to join the rest of us, most of who's family came from another country in generations past. With your help, the 5 Spot will contribute $1 from every entree sold from our Comida sin Fronteras menu to the 'Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights', a human rights organization that advances the rights and best interests of immigrant children at our borders." 

READING Waking up White: And Finding Myself in the Story of Race challenged me and opened my eyes, helping see both myself and society in a fresh way. It makes for a great book club book since it has questions listed at the end of each short chapter - I'm still reflecting on it all!
LISTENING | Jukebox the Ghost and their happy-go-lucky dance-worthy melodies from their album "Off to the Races" have been gracing our home recently!
Happy solstice,


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Grocery Listing the Day Away

Some weeks I march into a grocery story with a go-get-'em mindset complete with specific recipes and list in hand. Other weeks lean more lackadaisical, grabbing what's familiar, knowing we can simply sautee or roast our way through the week. While my enjoyment and time management of meal prep waxes and wanes, I'm nevertheless fascinated by grocery stores. It's amazing that so many people from all walks of life enter the same doors day in and day out, making defined choices amidst endless possibilities that direclty impact their pocketbooks, waistlines, and tastebuds! When I'm zig-zagging along my typical path, I try to take the small opportunity and select something new just for fun, be it a different pasta sauce, salsa, granola bar, or cheese.
But when I don't have a specific game plan, I try to abide by two rules -- go heavy on the produce and avoid the snack aisle. Here's what often makes it into our cart:

- Apples (Braeburn)
- Asparagus/Broccoli/Brussels sprouts
- Avocados
- Beets (Trader Joe's)
- Carrots
- Cherry tomatoes
- Onions (sweet or red)
- Nectarines/Peaches/Pears
- Shallots
- Strawberries
- Sweet peppers

- Chicken sausage (Trader Joe's)
- Chicken thighs
- Meatballs
- Salmon
- Salmon burgers (Costco)

- Cannellini beans
- Chickpeas
- Couscous
- Gnocchi
- Jasmine rice
- Tortillas (Surito burrito style)

- Almonds
- Beet crackers (Trader Joe's)
- Goat cheese
- Hummus (garlic or cilantro jalepeno)
- Luna bars (chocolate dipped coconut)
- Peanut butter (Jif)
- Pickles (Vlasic kosher dill spears)

- 2% milk (Lactaid)
- Eggs
- Greek yogurt (coconut or almond butter)

The next time you're at the checkout counter and you hear the beep, think of all the fun you can have on Supermarket Sweep,

Friday, May 10, 2019

Listing the Night Away

You don't have to search too long to find a list of Seattle restaurants. Yelp, blogs, magazines, and guide books will be quick to please you. And while I'm no foodie, I do appreciate delicious, mouth-watering, well-prepared meals and bites! So here's another list to add to your list : ) If you find yourself in Seattle, here's where I'd take you!

Al Basha (Downtown)
Bongos (Greenlake)
Cafe Turko (Fremont)
Cantina Lena (Downtown)
Citizen (Lower Queen Anne)
Cupcake Royale (Upper Queen Anne)
Delancey (Ballard)
Fat Hen (Ballard)
Five Spot (Upper Queen Anne)
La Marzocco (Lower Queen Anne)
List (Belltown)
Lola (Downtown)
Marination (West Seattle)
Mischou (Pike Place)
Mulleady's (Magnolia)
Oddfellows (Capitol Hill)
Paseo's (Fremont)
Quazi's (Fremont)
Rachel's Ginger Beer (Pike Place)
Serious Pie (SLU)
Uneedaburger (Fremont)
Vio's (Capitol Hill)
Volunteer Park Cafe (Capitol Hill)

Want to Try
Brimmer and Heeltap (Phinney Ridge)
Free Lard (Fremont)
Full Tilt (Multiple locations)
La Champagne (Pike Place)
Pie Bar (Ballard)
Rocket Taco (Capitol Hill)
Westman's Bagel and Coffee (Capitol Hill)
Chefs, bakers, and ice cream makers,


Thursday, April 4, 2019

March "Matchness" | The Dream Team

March "Matchness" is here, bigger and better than ever. Paparazzi images of the final four dream teams below :)

Team 1: Pajama Pals
 Team 2:  Best Buds
Team 3: Cool Cats
 Team 4: Modish Mimes
For the record, pajamas win out every time!

Slam dunkin',


Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Features: Cactus Kits | Spalted Home

I featured this artist last year, but since then she's come up with another fun product that I absolutely love - her mini cactus kits. They are selling like hotcakes and it's easy to see why. They are precious and one of a kind, perfect as a gift. I spent an afternoon shadowing her entire process and it gave me such a greater appreciation for handmade goods. Even something as small as this takes hours to create - from the shaping to carving to glazing to stuffing...it's a process!

All things mini,


Monday, February 25, 2019

February Features: Lifestyle Consultant | Whitney Leigh Morris

Our family resides about 1.5 miles north of downtown Seattle. I cherish our walk-ability and easy access to fun places like Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, Belltown restaurants, and South Lake Union. My regular walks with Ebony and NLW take us a variety of places - up Queen Anne, over to Myrtle Edwards, or often, near the footsteps of the Space Needle in Seattle Center. While we live in a stellar location, we've made a sacrifice in our amount of living space. For almost seven years we've lived in just 600 square feet, curating our possessions, finessing our use of vertical storage, and limiting the items we bring into our home. It's an ongoing and evolving process, and I welcome creative and inspiring ideas.
For Christmas this year, my sister-in-law gifted me the book, Small Space Style: Because you Don't Need to Live Large to Live Beautifully by Whitney Leigh Morris. I like her intentional efforts to re-purpose spaces and keep areas multi-functional.

"Most of my belonging need to serve at least two purposes."

"Living out of a suitcase can be a pain, but it can also be very eye-opening when it comes to assessing material clutter."

"In a small space, it helps to make the bed every morning so there's a large surface on which to drop items like handbags, filing baskets, and laundry"
What really stands out to me is her beautiful use of their outdoor space. Granted, she lives in southern California and has much sunnier weather than we do. But nevertheless, I'd love to spruce up our own patio and deck, both for midday sunshine time with NLW on a play mat or quilt and for evening al fresco dinners with friends.
Blueprints and green thumbs,